NSAA Climate Challenge Enrollment Deadline Is May 18

SAM Magazine—Lakewood, Colo., May 17, 2018—Resorts interested in joining the NSAA Climate Challenge have until tomorrow, May 18, 2018, to complete the enrollment form, or at least HN climatechallengedeadline 51718alert NSAA of intention to join.

According to the association’s latest edition of “Capital Watch,” it received feedback at the National Convention that ski areas may not know exactly how the Climate Challenge program works. Here is a five-step summary:

First: With the help and guidance of technical experts (Brendle Group) and a spreadsheet tool, participating ski areas perform a carbon emissions inventory that includes direct emissions at the ski area (buildings and vehicles) along with indirect emissions from purchasing energy, such as electricity. Other emissions, such as those from waste disposal or guest travel, are optional. Ski areas can choose to inventory emissions for the fiscal or calendar year.

Second: With an understanding of their emissions, participating ski areas set a goal or target for reducing emissions. The structure of the target is flexible: ski areas can choose which emissions to reduce, how much they will be reduced, and over what time period the target will be achieved.

Third: Participating ski areas commit to take one measurable step annually to reducing their GHG emissions in order to progress toward their target. Examples of reduction projects include increased energy efficiency in buildings, lifts, and snowmaking; switching to more efficient fleet vehicles; increasing diversion of solid waste to reuse; recycling or composting; and installing a renewable energy system on-site.

Fourth: Participating ski areas engage in advocacy on climate solutions at the national or state level, such as signing on to “We Are Still In,” writing their respective state’s Congressional delegation, supporting a state renewables standard, etc.

Fifth: Participating ski areas report a summary of results to the Climate Challenge program and the public. The summary includes total GHG emissions in MTCO2e, stated reduction target, a narrative description of reduction activities, and documentation of advocacy efforts.

The Brendle Group provides assistance, webinars, and reviews of submitted inventories, targets, and reduction activities for participating ski areas, which is included in the enrollment fee.

Ski area representatives should contact Geraldine Link ( with any questions or to declare their interest in participating.

Existing participants should complete a renewal form for next year, which is available online.